About us

Welcome to Strategic Value Publishing (SVP). SVP is a dynamic and motivated advertising company specializing in addressing the unique needs of advertisers who need to reach specialized trade professionals. Our inside sales representatives sell online and print advertising space to local, regional and national businesses of all sizes. Our sales force is unparalleled in its effective and professional sales efforts and we have been able to generate tremendous advertising revenue for rights holders and publishers.

In addition, SVP is able to offer unique and prominent opportunities to advertise in Ports Publishing specialty publications. These publications will be the preeminent resource for all entities operating in the aviation, maritime, logistics, and cargo industries. Due to our large number of advertising contacts in virtually all industries, we have continually heard from companies and other entities that they would be very interested in purchasing targeted online advertising, particularly in industry-wide or regionally-specific B2B directories. SVP is able to offer an array of media properties for advertisers.